3D Scans & Spaces

Say hello to the future. We offer high quality, state of the art 3D Scan, HDR photo, cloud based technology (Matterport) for immersive 360° walk arounds. The brand new way to feel, discover and present awesome spaces.

We scan your space and within hours your virtual 3D Space is ready to experience. Anyone can explore with ease, right from their desktop browser, tablet or mobile phone.

  • Dollhouse View shows how your entire space fits together
  • Virtual 360°walk arounds with photorealistic quality
  • "Info Tag World": Implement linked web content via tags
  • 360° panorama views from every perspective
  • 4K photos and HD videos for your social media channels
  • Top-down Floorplan View including dimensions

Why use 3D SPACES?

With 3D Scans & Spaces you are at the next level of indoor space and show case presentation. In combination with the "info tag world" you have a new and powerfull tool for communication with your visitors, employees and customers.

You can use it for:

  • Real Estate Marketing - Apartments, Houses, Office Spaces etc.
  • Historical and Cultural Buildings - Churches, Castles, Cinemas etc.
  • Prestigious Buildings - Headquarters, Production Facilities etc.
  • Travel and Holiday Buildings
  • Restaurants
  • Event Locations
  • Stores and Shops
  • Exhibitions & Trade Fair Booths
  • Indoor Construction Sites
  • Architectual or Interiour Design Show Cases
  • Everyone who wants to tell a story with or about a space.

Info Tag WORLD

Here comes the magic! To enrich the level of comunication and interaction, we create a whole "info tag world" for you. After research and conceptual work we implement linked web content such as text, links, pictures and videos via anchored tags in your 3D Space.

Your exsting social media content like Youtube videos and Instagram pictures come to live  in your "info tag world". If you don´t have any content or concepts yet, we can do that for you.

SOME MORE of our 3D Scans & SPACES

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